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How to Cope with Money Worries

In the last five years, I have seen more women than ever seeking financial advice. And that’s good news. We’re starting to take responsibility for our financial security. However, there are still millions (really) of women who are scared, frustrated, conflicted, and in denial about the state of their money. Most don’t know where to start.

So here is a quick guide on how to cope with money worries and how you can stop worrying about your money for good!

Some women entrusted their finances to a spouse only to find that wasn’t in their best interest. Some have been widowed or divorced or downsized and no longer have the income or security they were counting on. Some have reached out to unscrupulous advisors and were burned.

We women are, by nature, worriers, and we worry about these money issues (among others):

  • Health care costs and whether we’re going to be able to afford health insurance when we retire
  • An impending divorce and who’s going to pay for the legal costs and the “upside down” mortgage
  • Our investments and stock portfolio going belly up
  • Our kids losing their jobs and coming home or asking us for money we don’t have
  • Whether we’re going to outlive our income and face poverty in the later years of retirement
  • Whether our 401k plans will be there for us when we want them
  • Who’s going to take care of us if we have a serious and long-lasting health problem

If any of these worries keep you up at night, you’re in the right place. Coping with your money worries is step number one before actually getting your money issues resolved.

Somebody has to do something about this sad state of affairs (I elected myself, and perhaps, in turn, you will elect to read my book). Together, let’s do something about overcoming our ignorance and claim our rightful power of the purse.

Clearly you do not suffer from a lack of information available to educate you on the basics of personal finance. There are plenty of books on the shelf, on the Internet, and articles galore on the intricacies of personal financial planning for women.

I have discovered these are not enough.

Like most things we set out to learn about, the task can seem overwhelming and completely shuts us down. So in the end, nothing is gained. Our ability to go it alone can seem way too ambitious and intimidating. And our time is so valuable, we end up doing other things we think call us even louder.

So the books collect dust, the ebook downloads go unread, the printed articles go in the shredder, the bookmarked websites get deleted, and we call it quits. Our intentions were laudable but our results less so.

And now we are no better off than when we started the quest. Our ignorance is intact and the cycle continues.

Tired of worrying about managing your money and how to cope with money worries? Contact us so that we can get a call scheduled, and so that you can take control of your financial future.