How Did We Do Over The Holidays?

So now the credit card statements are coming in and the surprises show up. What is that charge for? I don’t remember buying something at that site. How much did that item cost? Whew! I didn’t realize it was that expensive with the shipping and state tax.

And with or without a budget, those extras show up. Like the two-for-one sale: one for Grandma and one for me. Oh, why not?!?! It was a good sale and I need one, too.

So now the bills must be paid and the true tally taken. How much did you actually spend on this holiday season?

If you did work with a budget, good for you. Most people do not. They might have an idea of what they wanted to spend, but often as we total up the damage, it is greater than what we thought.

Now is the time to consider the good old fashioned Christmas Club. Yeah, I know it has no interest paid on it and it is probably a poor way to accumulate money, but it does work. When the checks are paid out in October each year, it is best to cash the check and use the money to buy gifts if you visit bricks and mortar stores. What about the online shopper? Consider what you will spend online and move that money as cash into your checking account. Then go to the website for your credit card and make the payment immediately from your checking account to the credit card. No cheating! It will help you to stay on budget.

When you know what you spent this year, start putting that amount on a weekly basis into the Christmas Club so you will have it in October of 2015.

Happy New Year!

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