Season of Gratitude

Of late, I have seen so many Facebook posts and LinkedIn comments regarding the secret to happiness being gratitude for what you already have. Not a bad place to start.

For many people they count their blessings in the form of what they have: 401k plan balances, position in the company, corner office, new car, biggest flat-screen TV in the neighborhood, and all the other “things” we can accumulate. After a while, the real question is, how much is enough?

In this season of thanksgiving, should we consider the bigger issues we can be thankful for: a roof over our heads, running water in our houses, toilets and showers, relative safety in our streets, and a place where we can worship or not with no one telling us how or when to do it?

I am reminded of a young man who is a patient in one of our local hospitals who was brought here from Afghanistan for special surgery. He has lived here for just about a year and his life is so immeasurably changed I wonder how he will ever be able to return to his home town and accept his former life?

We have so much to be grateful for but we don’t see it most of the time. Take a good look around.

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