Some Things Money Can’t Buy

When I consider all the things I am thankful for at this time of year, it occurs to me that I have much to be thankful for, not in material things, but in those things money can’t buy:

  • For my friends who are always there to keep my spirits up when it seems I cannot make it through another day
  • For my friends who know that laughter and a funny movie cures all ills
  • For my family who seem to know when it is time to let me go it alone and when it’s time to help
  • For my coworkers who gladly pick up the pace and the slack when I need to do other things with my time
  • For organizations who offer help to people who are in a difficult care-giving relationship
  • For the privilege to take time off and enjoy some of what l have earned
  • For the profound humility I feel in the company of those whose lives seem so much more accomplished than mine
  • For the kudos I receive from those whose lives have been positively impacted by me
  • For acknowledging and cherishing the wisdom in my older family members and friends
  • For wallowing in the joy of a new generation of family as they grow and stretch their wings

What are you grateful for?


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