The Value of Time

I was reading some posts on Facebook, a sponsored link, about an app that helps us manage our time better. As I read through that, I thought about how little time we have to do what we think we need to do in our everyday lives.

My husband is known to declare on occasion, “time is the enemy” which I am sure is a literary allusion from some Shakespearean play or the like. I never really thought of it that way but given the pressure on our same 24 hours today, I have to agree.

Given that, I wondered what it is that we provide to our clients that is often immeasurable but rings true in all cases: we give them more time with their families, their jobs, and their futures.

We can shorten the distance between retirement readiness and their belief it would never happen, so they retire earlier than they thought.

We give them more emotional freedom from worry about the state of their finances.

We give them more time with their families rather than having to make investment choices on their 401ks, wondering about their life insurance, long-term care insurance, shopping for mortgage rates, investing for college education costs, buying cars, and finding the resources to pay for vacations.

We really give them “time.”

One client refers to me as her Money Lady. And she introduces me as such. If I asked her what she admires most in the relationship; she says she doesn’t have to worry about money any more. She spends what she knows she can spend on holiday gifts and other luxuries for herself knowing she had all the other stuff taken care of. For her it might be “peace of mind.”

But really, it’s the gift of time. Precious little of it and more to spend on the things you love to do.

Photo Credit: BramstonePhotography via Compfight cc


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