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“As a woman, there is no reason you should know less about money or feel less confident."

From the young age of 16, Lynn has known that there is a discrepancy between women’s and men’s financial knowledge. Yet, women are not born with any more ignorance about money than men.

Taking charge of her own financial future, Lynn became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL™ in order to correct that knowledge imbalance and give women (starting with baby boomers) the tools to determine their own financial futures and freedoms.

Lynn S. Evans, CFP®, has helped hundreds of talented women who were successful in their careers, but were at a loss when it came to money.

In her insightful book, Lynn shares her personal experiences and clients’ stories as she walks you through financial issues every woman needs to address.

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Lynn and her guests share stories and wisdom to help baby-boomer women become more financially aware, engaged and confident.

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A fee-only financial planning firm committed to helping baby-boomer professional women take control of their finances.

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