Helping Doctors Manage Their Money

Julie is a 55 year-old surgeon who has been divorced twice and never getting married again. Or so she says.

She was forced to look at her financial situation many times in the course of her divorces but never really knew if what she now had left was sufficient to allow her to retire or if she would need to keep working for some extended period of time. Absent any man to help support her, she was determined to do it herself, but she did not know where to start.

She discovered my name online after a search for Fee-Only™ planners. She was told by a male colleague she trusted to look for that qualifier since she had been used to working with whoever got her attention.

We talked about what she wanted to accomplish, the concerns she had about the future of medicine as she knew it, and how she would like to become a college professor in a few years and get out of the everyday practice of medicine. With my help, Julie could now see her plan clearly.

Helping women, and women doctors in particular, comes very naturally to me because I understand how to translate financial advice into a language they understand. Managing money is a craft. It’s an art form that I am passionate about and the icing on the cake is seeing these doctors realize the life in retirement that they deserve.

I am very excited to be speaking at the American Medical Women’s Association Centennial Conference at the end of the month. To learn more about how you can find that elusive peace of mind and be confident about your finances, dine with me at the AMWA’s Senior Breakfast in Chicago on April 25th or stop by my booth in the exhibit hall. Learn more about how I help doctors manage their money at


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