Talking About Money

I often wonder how many lives would have been changed for the better if mothers talked to their daughters about money.

Even if they only cautioned them about how their own ignorance made them dependent on their husbands, and how they would love that cycle to stop.

April being Financial Literacy Month, it makes me wonder how many divorces would have been avoided, how many marriages would have been for reasons other than financial security, how many widows would have not have had to move in with their kids, how many women would have opted to finish their college educations before they married, how many careers would have been fulfilled, if only we had some basic skills in money management.

Maybe we can break that cycle of ignorance by starting to talk about money.  To talk about how we save it, how we spend it, how we protect it.  And most of all, how we are afraid of it for no good reason.

Let’s break the silence.  If you don’t know where to start, consider a Money Circle.  Check out my web page and click on “Money Conversations.”  And let’s start talking…


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  1. Karen Koehler 10 years ago

    My parents were young adults during the Depression and grew up very poor. I was the youngest of five children all of whom they sent to college. I was always aware of the value of money and the need to save, but I still allowed my first husband to completely control our finances before we divorced. It wasn’t as bad as it might have been, though, if my mother hadn’t set an example by having “her own” money that was used for specific things. With my second marriage, I think I applied the lessons learned–we never fight about money, but we do talk about it all the time. Neither of us makes financial decisions without discussing it with the other.

    • Author
      Lynn S Evans 10 years ago

      Thanks, Karen, for your comment. So glad to know “lesson learned”, and that you and your current husband talk about money rather than argue about it.


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