Money Conversations

Did you and a friend ever have a conversation about money?  Probably not.  It’s still one of those subjects we don’t talk about in polite conversation.  That, and sex.  And well, we won’t get started on that one!

Money is something that has so much crazy junk attached to it, it is often difficult to even get at what it really means to each of us.  One person perceives of it as an evil and a curse, and another, as something to be coveted and very desirable.  How we look at money has everything to do with what we were taught or observed as children.

Do you think money is something we should save or spend?  A little of both?  Is it something that determines our status in life, like the caste system in India?  Or can a girl from a dirt poor family make it really big and live in a fancy, schmancy house in the suburbs?

Money Conversations is a lively, fun and very revealing adventure for women who are interested in uncovering those limiting beliefs we have held since childhood about money.  This program can be offered in a corporate setting or with a community or civic group.  Ideally it will be about an hour in length.

As we examine them in a structured format, we observe how the stories we made up about money color our choices and hold us back.  We often see that these myths no longer fit our circumstances or support our success in life.  It’s like peeling away the layers of an onion to find the really sweet stuff inside.

This format is designed as an introduction to the more sustained and involved Money Circles, a program offered by Lynn S. Evans for groups of no more than ten women on a monthly basis.  It is a promise that you will learn much about your “truths” about money and find new ones that serve you and your lifestyle.

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