Purses or Shoes?

If you have an extra couple bucks to spare, would you spend it to buy a purse or buy a new pair of shoes? Why is that important, you ask?

Because it tells me whether you like to see your purchase in front of you for most of the day or only when you look down.

Think about it: a purse is something you usually carry and leave in the office at eye level.  You do this mostly because it has your credit cards, your wallet (if you carry one), your cell, and your money (if you still have some).  It holds the keys, literally and figuratively, to your world.

An investment in a purse can mean the difference in looking good in a world that craves both diversity and sameness, like the caché of carrying a designer bag, or a bag you found for a steal in the local thrift store and is so you.

The same is true for a pair of shoes.  But how often do you look at your shoes?  Once when you put them on and once when you take them off.  OK, maybe when you are sitting cross-legged at a bar, too. Or wishing you had more room for them in coach class on an airplane. They are a means of transportation of sort.  And after a while, you may just take them off in the name of comfort.

The purse holds greater significance in your life.  Try living without it.

And knowing what’s in it, how to manage it, and how to spend it is where I come in.

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