No Time to Deal With It?

The most common complaint I hear from accomplished women when it comes to their miserable relationship with money is, “I just don’t have the time for that.” Well, that is probably very true.

We make time for all the things in life that are really important to us: family, friends and work. Hopefully in that order. I realize there is no interest in money because it is a foreign language to most women and it requires time away from those other things which we deem important.

So how do we find the time to deal with it since it is the most fundamental source of our happiness or lack thereof?

Like most things we can’t get to, we buy it. Time is a precious commodity; the more responsibility at work and outside endeavors, the less time we have for the important things in life. We have to make play dates with our kids, date night with our significant other, set aside weekends for visits to family and it all gets scheduled. Who do you schedule to manage your money?

One of my clients refers to me as her “money lady.” (Kind of like her cleaning lady?) I do perform a vital function and it does buy her precious time to spend with her family and friends and to take some long weekend vacations. We meet on a periodic basis, usually over dinner, so we can do some double duty as we dine and chat about her finances.

If you or someone you love is struggling with no time but has a need for help in organizing and planning her money, give us a call. The most satisfying comment we can hear is to know we have given a woman who is successful and busy some time to enjoy her family and friends. It’s not about the money; it’s about some freedom and peace of mind.

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