What Comes Before the Baby Boomer Generation?

Recently during a regularly scheduled evening call with my mother, we got into discussing my book, Power of the Purse. She asked me when she would be getting her copy. I told her I would be getting some of them soon and I would be sure to give her one. As only a mother can comment, she said she did not want me to give her one, she wanted to buy one. I told her that would not work; I wanted to give her one. She countered with,“Well how do you expect to make any money on the book?” I promised her I would but not at her expense.

She told me in what she had heard us talk about on the radio show (Laurie and Lynn Show, WILKnewsradio.com) this book was geared to women my age, the Baby Boomer. I told her the information in the book is really geared to women of any age because its content and value was universal. She countered with a request that women of her age should have a book, too. She wondered aloud if there was a book for women of the “casket” age. And then she laughed sheepishly.

I loved the term and told her I was going to steal it. As soon as I stopped laughing myself!

Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc


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